Network shares

Bleen can access the folders of enterprises network through smb protocol. All the files shared on the enterprise network are indexed and available for search, maintaining the access rules of the operating system: each user will see only the results which it has access, and will see nothing of those that do not have permission to read.


Bleen indexes the messages and email attachments allowing for more sophisticated search than is available on many mail clients. To do this, Bleen connects to the mail server through IMAP protocol using the user credentials. It can also index archives of files (.pst For MS Outlook or .nsf for Lotus Notes).


Bleen can index documents of an ERP, providing "alternative"access (and safe) to the masks of the ERP also useful to those unfamiliar with the menu of management system. We have developed standard connectors for SAP R / 3, for SAGE ERP X3, for JD Edwards and the Zucchetti AdHoc products (Revolution, Enterprise and Infinity).


Bleen può sincronizzarsi rispetto ad una directory LDAP, per esempio ActiveDirectory, in modo da condividere utenze e gruppi.


Through jdbc Bleen can index any data source for which there is a jdbc driver. In this way, all custom applications, or not yet supported natively by Bleen can be indexed.