Much more than a search engine

Bleen is a powerful enterprise search engine, an enterprise search engine, easy to use, quick to install and configure.
Bleen provides a unified interface to all enterprise information by extracting them from:

  • Documents from the enterprise network
  • Email
  • Database application
  • ERP e CRM
  • CMS and enterprise portals
  • Web pages

Bleen provides fast response times, saving time and improving access to information, wherever they are.

Information Intelligence

The accuracy and quality of information is fundamental in operational and decision-making processes. The ability to reuse information assets of the enterprise, regardless of "information silos" it contains, increases its value. In every enterprise, information assets are scattered in different systems and formats inside and outside the company:


The management system may be the primary source of structured data,
but how much information are dispersed in documents and emails?


Bleen allows you to access all the information I need and correlate them. What is Business Intelligence for structured data, Bleen can be for unstructured data:

that's why we speak of information intelligence