“Lucene Solr must be appreciated for what it truly represents: a strong open-source library and toolset that is the most customizable of all solutions in the market. Lucene Solr 1.4 is truly enterprise grade and its open source code can be immensely helpful for organizations that are trying to explore facets of search not provided by commercial vendors. Ovum strongly recommends it for large organizations that have an expertise in development and coding and sufficient IT manpower to customize the solution to their unique needs."

Ovum Enterprise Search Technology Evaluation Report 2010.


According to Ovum, Apache Solr has reached a level of scalability, stability and functionality that can be used in enterprises, but only those willing to invest in projects that require strong skills necessary for the development and customization of the system.
Bleen is based on Apache Solr extending and simplifying it so that all companies can utilize the technology at a fraction of the cost.
Integration with Active Directory, security management, as well as our connectors are a guarantee of rapid project start-up time: for a simple system, just a few hours.