Intranet Search

Bleen allows you to search through millions of documents stored on the enterprise intranet in compliance with all privacy and security policies. It integrates and synchronizes instantly with the policy of access to documents showing only results that the user actually has access. Bleen correctly interprets the most common file formats (Office,, PDF, TXT, images, etc.) and is easily extensible to custom or legacy formats.

Mail Search

In emails are stored a large number of documents and information often difficult to find. Bleen allows you to access this information by looking in the message content and attachments. You can associate multiple email addresses for each user, ensuring respect for confidentiality. The presence in search result of documents of different origin makes Bleen a much more effective than simple search within mailboxes offered by many products.

ERP Search

Much information is stored in the ERP and management system applications. Bleen access this information by providing full-text search ("to google") in the products not prepared. Thanks to its architecture, Bleen is easily extended to integrate with any management systems. Currently Bleen is integrated with the most important ERP Zucchetti, with the portal HR Zucchetti and with Sage X£, JD Edwards and SAP.

Database Search

Structured information present in any type of database can be sources for Bleen. A special connector allows you to extract data from databases and make them available in the search interface as if they were simple documents.

Internet Search

Exactly as everyone can propose an interesting internet addresses to his colleague, anyone can feed the system with web pages and on-line documents of particular interest. Bleen can easily find them. The knowledge that is hidden in the bookmarks of users becomes a common asset of the enterprise.

Enterprise entity

Bleen is able to recognize contents associated to the most important enterprise categories

- people - organizations - sources

For each of the entity is able to calculate and show peculiar properties

Enterprise ontologies

Tag users: Each user can label (tagging) the results of a search, according to their own interpretations and needs.

Enterprise metadata: are categories set automatically and centrally managed by the administrator: it favors the creation of a categorization (and a dictionary) of reference specific to enterprise. On the internet, only 2% of users generate contents. Likewise, it suffices just a small percentage of colleagues "active" to activate the virtuous circle of categorization.


Bleen includes a collaborative search engine: it groups users in the community and use the ratings of each user to improve the quality of results. Bleen allows to inform colleagues through email of search or a search result: no more attached documents!